Bookkeeping & Payroll Service

If your business does not currently have accounting staff or if your business is outgrowing its current bookkeeping system, we can provide comprehensive bookkeeping and write-up services to ensure the smooth operation of the financial side of your business. As your business needs grow and change, we can provide input and planning assistance to make sure your accounting and financial systems keep pace with your business needs.

Constantly changing federal, state and local laws and tax regulations make payroll management an ongoing challenge for business owners. Our payroll services professionals are well versed on these laws and regulations. We can proactively alert you to material changes that will affect your business and your employees while also keeping payroll running smoothly no matter how large your business and your employee population become.

TRM Financial Solutions has been around in one form or another for over 10 years. Our main goal is to give startup and small businesses of all types access to bookkeeping services at a reasonable price.

TRM Financial Solutions offers its professional bookkeeping services and advice to all small and medium size businesses (including Home Offices, Self Employed and Corporations) at competitive prices. Most bookkeeping and accounting work is done off-site unless otherwise requested. Our associates pick up and process the records, returning them to you on a regular basis. Once the bookkeeping work is completed, we will also provide accounting services including monthly or yearly financial statements and other reports where appropriate.

With processing your bookkeeping, TRM Financial Solutions is expected to be accurate, efficient, and knowledgeable about debits and credits, accounts payable procedures, sales and accounts receivable, payroll, insurance, taxes, and more financial and accounting services.

Our prices are designed to fit your needs. We determine your costs with you on an ongoing basis.

We offer two pricing options:

We offer both Fixed Flat Rate Pricing or hourly based rate pricing.

Flat Rate Pricing:
Our fee for bookkeeping service is based upon the volume of transactions in a reporting period and also on the overall complexity of your business. Factors affecting our fee structure include:

» Number of customer invoices
» Number of checks written
» Financial and management reports requirement
» Number of Accounts
» Number of bank accounts and credit card accounts to be reconciled
» Number of Chart of Accounts
» Class Tracking for deposits, sale, product or item
» Inventory
» Current state of your accounting records
» other misc. items

Our typical start up package is $250/month which includes 8 hours of bookkeeping service each month. Extra time is charged at $30 an hour. The fee does not include out of pocket expenses, for example, postage and stationery.

Hourly Base rate Pricing:
Our rates varies between $27.50 to $40.00 per hour depending on level on complexity and volume. Our pricing is highly competitive and vary depending on whether the service being provided is on-site or an off-site service. A brief summary has been included below. We are to some degree flexible on the billing rate, so if you have any questions please contact us for more details.

Offsite Pricing:
Flat Fee of $27.50 to $35.00 per hour. (Setup fee not included.)
The total hours of service each month depends on the size of your company and the services required.

Onsite Pricing:
Flat Fee of between $35.00 to $40.00 per hour. The total hours of service each month also depends upon the number of transactions processed and the size of the company and the services that are required.

Rule of thumb:
When it comes to services such as bookkeeping keep in mind it’s the quality that counts.

Free yourself from the daily accounting headaches. Please contact us for a quote. Please call us at (408-) 449-5442 an we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, or for faster service E-mail us with your details and we’ll get back to you promptly (within 1 Biz Day) to arrange a meeting to discuss your businesses bookkeeping needs.

We will discuss your estimated company size, financial transactions and services required in order to give you an accurate understanding of how we can help you best. From this meeting you will gain a good insight into how much time, energy and money you’ll be (or already are) investing in your bookkeeping.

Should become a client of ours:
There will be no other charge for normal routine telephone consultations. As a matter of fact, we welcome our clients to contact us and keep us informed of their business development or concerns of any nature. You will be advised of any charges for special projects in advance so there won’t be any surprises.

NOTE: QUICKBOOKS file setup (whether we will do the Bookkeeping or for those who want to do it themselves) is subject to a non-refundable, Minimum Fee Retainer of $150.

Billing Policy:
Invoiced Accounts that are not paid in full within 30-days are subject to $10/month Late Penalty Fee. Checks Returned for ANY reason, or amounts charged back Credit Card payments are subject to a $50 NSF, Returned Item, or Credit Card Charge back Penalty Fee. NOTE: Any payments received after a Penalty Fee is assessed are applied first to such Fees assessed, and the balance to the amount originally owed.